Bernise | ...on Elvis, Mandarin and Beatboxing

October 17, 2021 HomeGrown Season 3 Episode 4
Bernise | ...on Elvis, Mandarin and Beatboxing
Show Notes

In this week's episode, Louisa and the Fantastic Fo speak to Bernise Springer, a 31 year old Foreign Service Officer who first moved to Taipei from St Lucia 8 years ago.

Bernise talks to us about life in Taiwan as a professional and as a Mandarin Chinese student. We also get an in-depth discussion about Reverse Culture Shock (going home and it not feeling right) and how home can be a place where you aren't necessarily surrounded by people who look like you.

A great episode for anyone thinking about studying in Taiwan, moving back home or just wondering where home might-could be.

Oh and don't miss a bit of beat-boxing at the end! 
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