Gabriel | …on K-pop, NGOs, and the US Army

February 20, 2022 Season 4 Episode 5
Gabriel | …on K-pop, NGOs, and the US Army
Show Notes

In this week's episode, Louisa and the Fantastic Fo speak to Gabriel Fagbenro, a 26 year old Nigerian NGO coordinator who moved to Hong Kong from London 6 years ago after a year studying in Hong Kong.

Gabriel tells us about his sandwich year studying in HKU, going back to London, and then immediately feeling the urge to return to Hong Kong. We talk about what feeling like a foreigner even means...if that is a thing, and what it has been like working for an NGO  while being Nigerian #Wherethemoneyatthough

We were plagued with recording issues on this one but Gabriel's bright and upbeat insights really made this one of those fun episodes to record. Although we will admit to being slightly envious of the youthful energy lol.

Additionally,  Lou's TedTalk is finally out!! So check that out here:

How curiosity can address racial inequality | Louisa Awolaja | TedxTinHauWomen

Have a great week! 


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